5 Tips For A Rainy Day At A Vacation Home

5 Tips For A Rainy Day At A Vacation Home

When you rent a vacation home you’re likely intending to spend a good deal of time out and about at your destination. Good weather for getting outside isn’t a guarantee, however, and occasionally you can get stuck in a home that’s not your own with not much to do, watching it rain outside. Obviously, this is less than ideal for a vacation, so we have a few suggestions for how to pass the time in this kind of situation.

1. Read A Book

This is probably our most obvious tip, but one that bears mentioning anyway. Reading a book may not seem like taking full advantage of your vacation, but then when else do you have the freedom to simply curl up and read with no regard for the passage of time? If you’re preparing for a trip right now we’d recommend reading through a few lists like this one, proposing not just popular or recent books, but specifically page-turners that can keep you engaged for hours on end.

2. Walk In The Rain

If you do just a little bit of research into popular tips for rainy days on vacation, you’ll actually find that this idea is pretty common. As long as it’s not cold, windy, or dangerous out, rain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. In fact, in a strange sort of way, it can be pleasant! Wear some clothes you don’t mind getting soaked, put on your headphones if you like, embrace the rain and simply go for a walk. There can be something oddly freeing about it.

3. Embrace Total Relaxation

For the most part, the point of a vacation is to relax a little bit, and a rainy day doesn’t have to stop you from doing that. If rain spoils part of your vacation itinerary, simply shift gears into total relaxation. Take a nap, take a long bath, practice some yoga or stretching, and listen to soothing music. Eat something you truly enjoy, have a glass of wine (or whatever else you may enjoy), and let go of all your worries. Best of all, if you happen to be traveling with a partner, think about looking up some massage tips and treating each other to a bit of a spa day. You may wind up being glad it rained.

4. Play Some Games

Don’t just pull out your go-to smartphone game like you can anywhere else. Instead look into some games you don’t (or even can’t) ordinarily play. For instance, you might consider cards or a board game if you have any of them handy. Or you might get into the spirit of vacation by opting for some casino-style games online, if it’s an option. This site explains some of the accessibility and regulations surrounding these games, and you may find that you can play slots or jump into a poker tournament either with or without real money, and feel a little bit like you’re in your own casino resort villa while it’s raining out.

5. Get Binging

Lastly, there’s the option of simply throwing on a favorite show and doing some binge-watching. Yes, this is something you can do anywhere, but there is something pleasant about watching television on a rainy day – particularly if you’re away from home and there’s nothing to worry about except the plot lines.