Sunset Island in Ocean City: What we love!

Vacation Rental on Sunset Island in Ocean City Maryland

When we started going to Sunset Island 12 years ago, Jeff and I instantly fell in love with it. We went with a group of several adult friends. We enjoyed spending days walking over to the Ocean but probably spending even more time relaxing at the pool or the private bay, attached to the clubhouse. We truly felt like we were on a luxurious island resort, especially as a server brought daiquiris to our beach chairs. We’ve always loved the convenience of lounging at the pool or bay, with adjacent, impeccably clean bathrooms, and locker. We had several favorite restaurants that were a must each trip and we would spend most evenings having a cocktail watching the sunset from one of the balconies or walking to the bay or fishing pier. I spent my mornings in the gym (probably my favorite island amenity) while other members of our group hit the Bayside Skillet on Sunset Island for breakfast, a morning stroll or stop to the corner store for a gourmet coffee.

Our group dynamic has changed over the years. Our trips are now usually us, our boys and another family or a couple of extended family members. This transition is why Happy Ours at Sunset Island became ours and we knew we wanted this to be an annual tradition. As a mother, it is so nice to see the kids have a blast playing in or along the gentle, shallow bay. The kids quickly and easily make ‘vacation friends’ as they often gravitate towards same sized kids and just start playing together. That’s how my older son fell in love with kayaking and crabbing. (kayaks and paddle boards can now be rented at the clubhouse and the house is set with basic crabbing gear)

Even before my boys, when my niece started coming to the island as an infant, it was so nice that one or two of the guys could take all the gear down to the bay, stake umbrellas etc and leave it unattended to come back to the house to finish changing and getting any little ones ready before all heading down. And of course, I think at a daily minimum I get 3 requests for a forgotten item, beach snack, additional toy but its so convenient to walk the half block back to the house to retrieve them I don’t even mind. Or when one of the kids simply needs a break from the sun or heat to move to the indoor pool for a bit. Between the heat/sun, all of the stuff kids need and access to bathrooms, I would never enjoy a day/road trip to the beach with young children. But the convenience of Happy Ours at Sunset Island or the clubhouse to the beach makes it not only possible but enjoyable. I could happily drive to Happy Ours at Sunset Island and park the car for the week. Where it is on Beach Walk Lane, on Sunset Island, is ideal. Very close and a straight shot to the bay/pool/clubhouse areas, but not so close that the activity there becomes a nuisance. It’s perfectly located! Everything is so convenient by walking.

My older son has also attended several of the S.I.E.N.E activities that he could become the island Naturalists assistant. But they have fun and learn a lot about marine life, horseshoe crabs and terrapins that have a couple of nesting spots on Sunset Island in Ocean City.

While I could be content staying on the island the entire week, my family loves how many things there are to see and do surrounding Sunset Island. We are still trying new excursions (Assateague Adventure, OC Rocket, Duckaneer, OC Screamer). We have an awesome time renting jet skis from the marina at the edge of the island and zipping around t

he bay and look forward to renting a boat for the family for the morning. Of course, no trip to Ocean City Maryland is complete without a trip to the boardwalk, Dumser’s, mini golf or romping through the interactive fountains at the center of sunset island. We have one extended family member that has been joining us annually. He is extremely sensitive to the sun, so not a fan of the beach, but makes the trip because he enjoys relaxing at Happy Ours on Sunset Island and trying out OC restaurants and activities. As for the littlest family member, who enjoys all of these things, he has a blast bouncing between the bay and indoor pool. But also loves our morning and evening walk around the pond and canals watching the ducks and looking for the heron.

This is why we love Happy Ours at Sunset Island. Our vacation rental is available, for your family to enjoy a family vacation in Ocean City Maryland.